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The Gallery Band - 'Pesticide' Single Review

March 10, 2019

Hailing from the streets I grew up in, Wakefield band, The Gallery, are causing a noise with their latest single, ‘Pesticide’, on what has been for quite a while, a relatively quiet local music scene.


They join the ream of indie-rock bands all on a similar mission to emerge on top from the underground scene, but as ‘Pesticide’ shows, their twist on the classic indie-rock sound sets them apart from the mass of aspiring indie bands.


Instead, they boast a unique positive distortion of the generic and expected sound of up and coming bands, combining what can only be described as a ‘post-punk’ amalgamation of rock and alternative overtones to create a haunting brashness, that as opposed to detracting from its value, creates an alluring sense of wonder to vibrate within their audience.


With a voice reminiscent of The Jam’s, Paul Weller, frontman Matthew Rees, absorbs his audience with a domineering voice that compliments such haunting undertones.


Singing, “what do you expect?” and “make me change”, The Gallery present to their audience a song that questions the convention, reflecting the band’s identity as being a group who aims to “connect disenfranchised teens” in the face of an authoritarian society.


With an adroit adeptness, The Gallery have managed to create a sound that unreservedly portrays the roughness and readiness of the galvanizing message they convey both emotionally and artistically: they are the new guitar band to unite teens who are also fed up of the “pretty indie bands of recent years” and crash a new wave of modern-punk onto the scene. Yet they still maintain that well controlled musical talent expected of any eminent artist, in turn, enabling them to produce a perfectly refined musical proficiency.


In short, The Gallery have set the bar high for other bands to follow, with their production of an engaging single that feels right at home in the hidden and dark venues of back street indie-rock hotspots. I would like to see more personality shine through their work yet still, but The Gallery are well on their way to not only finding their identity within an ever-competitive scene, but are bound to cause excitement with a sound that seems as if it has been plucked from a punk-rock garage band of the 70s, dusted off, re-painted and reformed into a modern punk subculture that is sure to gather momentum.





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