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Della B - 'Wet Hot' Single Review

January 30, 2019

Opening with a killer drum groove, ‘Wet Hot’, the first single by London band, Della B, harks back to classic, smooth 60’s and 70’s tunes - not feeling out of place in a laid-back movie about California. Rich chiming guitars are blended expertly with catchy “woos” in the backing vocals and a tight, funky bassline, while the vocals drip with yearning and ache over a lost love and whether there is any future. Jamie Thorn’s lyrics are brilliantly succinct, with tight rhymes in the verses leading into the fantastically catchy chorus where he’s not sure if he can “wait that long” because he’s not sure if he can “bare the pain” of losing someone he is clearly pining for. Right from the opening guitar riff, there is a real aura around the track, and you really feel the sense of four guys having fun just jamming in the studio together. By the time the bridge strips the song down to a near a-cappella vocal, you can be sure you’ll be ready for that chorus to come back round again and for Della B to deliver their brilliant hook “Go ahead, do what you have to do”. All in all, it’s a very accomplished single and one which clearly sets out Della B’s intention of mixing classic 70’s guitar pop with funk and soul grooves. They are sure to gain many new fans with Wet Hot’s chilled vibe and catchy chorus.





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