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The Kicklips Photoshoot Review

August 11, 2018

She’s gorgeous, she’s talented and she’s one of my best friends – Hope Reid.


I first became close to Hope when she started taking up photography. We sort of openly ‘exploited’ each other – Hope would use me as a model and I would use Hope to take good quality photos for my blog (but I promise that’s not the only reason why we’re friends!)


Anyway, a couple of months ago Hope got in contact with a band from Sheffield who were in need of a photographer and Hope, being the angel that she is, invited me along to interview the band as well. Hands down, it was one of the best days ever, spent with the best people.


So, who was this band? From the streets of Sheffield has emerged a quirky, incredibly well dressed and prodigious indie-rock band – The Kicklips. 


Hope and I couldn’t have been more excited to being doing the things we love best in this world together (honestly, friends that support friends are such an amazing thing). I don’t tend to spend much time in Sheffield and I haven’t previously been all that involved in the Sheffield music scene, so I was excited to be dipping my toes in a new area.


We met Beck (lead vocals), Dan (drummer) and Mo (guitarist) at a pretty quirky café called the Steam Yard – I would recommend! We grabbed a drink and made ourselves at home in the corner of the courtyard.


I’m not going to lie, sometimes my interviews don’t go as smoothly as they could do and this interview was one of them! Firstly, Sheffield seemed to have no phone signal whatsoever that day which made livestreaming the interview impossible and to top things off, I had a bit of a palava with my phone storage (I blame the number of embarrassing photos I have of Hope on my camera roll), but we were able to salvage the interview thanks to Dan kindly lending me his phone to finish off the recording.


Nevertheless, the band were great to chat to (I will be releasing the interview video within the next few weeks) and I can say with much confidence that The Kicklips are an incredibly genuine band with a very likeable modesty about them.


As I said, the interview video will be released soon (I have yet to edit the footage because I’m super busy at the moment what with moving house), but I can tell you that we spoke about all things from the local scene (a common theme in my interviews, I know), why the band prefer not to refer to themselves as ‘indie’, their recent experience in shooting their music video for ‘You and Me’ and even about Dan’s love for his job at a jacket potato shop!



After the interview was over, my work was done so I spent the rest of the day taking behind the scene photos of Hope’s shoot. I will take the time now to fan-girl over Hope a bit! Just watching the amazing work she did that day (with such a natural flare for photography) made me feel so proud to know her! What’s more is that it reminded me of how great an industry the music industry is. Here were three groups of people who each contribute to the industry in their own fantastic way: a blogger, a photographer and of course, the musicians. Without any one of these people, the industry would be missing a vital cog in its overall machine that not only provides joy to so many people, but is a liberating way of life.


We spent the afternoon trekking around Sheffield city centre, pausing at various aesthetic locations for Hope to snap a few shots. After spending half the day modelling the band around abandoned phone boxes, alleyway staircases and cobbled paths, Hope and I decided it was time for some food (because when are we not hungry?) It was at this point that the band led us to a second café that day and kindly bought us glasses of fresh orange (we can’t drink on the job sadly) and a plate of incredibly tasty chips. Later that day, they even walked us back to the station! It’s not everyday that you get the privilege to meet not only one of the best local bands on the scene currently, but a group of guys who genuinely care for the people they work alongside. If anything will see The Kicklips go far, it’ll be the fact that they quite clearly don’t undermine how vital reputation is (and of course the fact that they know what they’re doing when it comes to making music!) 


The Kicklips shoot is an experience I was so grateful to have been a part of. Being able to meet new, talented people such as Beck, Dan and Mo is by far one of the best things about being a blogger! You guys can also get involved with supporting the band by giving them a listen on both iTunes and Spotify and a quick follow on their social media – the links are all below:


Instagram: @kicklips

Facebook: @kicklips

Twitter: @thekicklips


Of course, Hope is just as deserving of your support, so here are the links to her social media too. She’s always looking for more work and experience, so if you’re a band or just an up and coming social media star, feel free to contact me or Hope to organise a shoot.


Instagram: @byhopereid

Twtitter: @HopeReid19







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