Why Sounds Like a Storm Are The Band to Watch

Last April, sat in the dimly lit backstage room of the Key Club, Leeds band, Sounds Like a Storm, were gearing up for their first headline gig performing for a crowd of three hundred people. With all four band members squeezed onto an old leather sofa that had seen better days, frontman, Sennen Ludman, laughed into the camera as they reminisced about playing the BBC One stage at Leeds Fest just last year.

It was the second time I’d interviewed the band and I’d come to love the bona fide rock quartet. Their dynamic personalities had caused ripples in the local music scene over the past few months and people were beginning to cotton onto their flair further afield, with talks of tours abroad. As the band allowed me to enter into their world for a second time, I revelled in the rare chance to catch up with a band so humble and cordial yet strung with exceptional talent.

“We’ll be playing some new ones tonight”, the band let me know. It was refreshing news; whilst Blind and Deaf is a hit, I was looking for some new anthems and out on stage, that’s exactly what they gave me.

‘Closer’, their latest single recently released at the end of July, is a clear sign of the progress that the band have made. As Sennen leaned into the crowd wearing a pair of zebra print trousers, drummer Joseph Schofield, lit up the room with a pre-emptive procession of drumbeats before slick guitar lines joined the ever-intensifying sound.

Singing “closer, closer, I wanna show you what’s underneath”, the band talk of the connection between people and the world, and of how certain things in the modern world prevent this connection. It’s a much-needed reminder not to get lost in the materialistic and superficial nature of our generation.

‘Closer’ follows a second single recently released by the band, ‘Corker’ – a colossal song that doesn’t shy away from flaunting their northern nature and unapologetic rock style.

Sounds Like a Storm are definitely a band made for the stage, so much so that Spotify doesn’t do them justice – but donning their archetypal black and yellow album covers, Sounds Like a Storm are on a roll, frequently releasing singles that surpass the last.

As Sennen addressed the crowd with a poignant statement about how these four young men have gone from growing up in a council estate in Leeds to headlining one of the most renowned venues in the city, I found myself feeling embarrassingly emotional. Sounds Like a Storm are far from their peak, yet are already showcasing the skill, talent and maturity of a band with years more experience under their belt.

In a music scene crammed with carbon copy bands, Sounds Like a Storm provide an exhilarating alternative to the conventional indie-rock sound. Dedicated, adept and too prodigious for the size stage they currently perform on, they are not a band worth overlooking. If there’s one thing you do today, make sure you give them a listen.

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