The Receivers Single Review - 'Only Human'

More authentic than ever, the Yorkshire indie-rocker four-piece, The Receivers, finally release forever-awaited new music, with this exceptional single, ‘Only Human’. Frequently teasing through rare radio plays and hinting at fresh music through social media snippets, throughout 2020, their fierce new tune is out now and ready to take on Yorkshire’s already spiralling scene by storm.

Dropping facades and now ready to flaunt the best version of himself on stage, lead singer Nick Aldous revels in this reborn confidence and credence as he sings, ‘I don’t want to be myself, but I don’t want to be anyone else.’ Sensing the passion through the integrity of these lyrics, the strong anthemic sound signals a great release and liberation, feeling free and comfortable in expressing individuality and uniqueness. In a world where lives are constantly under microscopes and self-imposed pressure is pertinent, this record glows accomplishment and achievement, showing just what a small dose of self-belief can manifest itself into – merely a hearty, great record! This approach to song writing proves to create music that is endearingly inspirational for fresh listeners of this band, including myself.

Rich guitar melodies from Higginson roundly open the record, running alongside the charge of Bristowe’s drumming, which ultimately cements their quintessential indie-rock roughness and The Cribs cross The Jesus and Mary Chain infusion – an unequivocally strong musical direction. Stapling the song, the short and snappy guitar solo bounces off Stables’ bassline, with the record ending neatly on the ‘I’m only human’ lyric again, to solidify the intent of the track, all of which was recorded at Sugar House Music in St Helens.

Learning more about The Receivers, as a band, the huge potential for prospective, explosive live gigs is considerable! Out on the 28th of August, you can now stream ‘Only Human’ on all streaming platforms, including Spotify.

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