'It’s Good To Get Lost' - The Pines Single Review

Updated: Jan 15

The new single from Midlands’ own, The Pines, provides the energy of their live performances not previously seen in past singles, delivering a youthful blast of indie rock that is both reflective and laser focussed.

The song itself is impressive in size and has the now stadium rock stance of Catfish and The Bottlemen; this isn't a detriment but a merit to the catchy and rock centric elements of the song, which have a grand sense of urgency. Instead of feeling rushed, they are perfectly in their place. Urgent and present vocals fight for dominance amongst driving bass; a biting lead and thriving drums. The song itself is the loudest and most rock centric of the bands catalogue and is a breath of fresh air that feels truer to the band than earlier singles.

Lyrically, at first glance the song appears to stick to somewhat formulaic lyrics of night-time antics and wanting to escape but upon further listens reveals a seemingly heart felt introspective expression. Whether intentional or not, these lyrics provide a sense of hope in getting away from your surroundings, appropriate for a year that has seen us all deprived of social interaction and forced us to reflect on what truly matters. Consequently, the song provides a sincere message of ‘getting through this together’ whatever ‘this’ might be. This is achieved through the honest and almost conversational presence of vocalist Cartney’s voice, which is seen and heard in the camaraderie of the band themselves, who appear to have no ego in their power.

This is the single The Pines needed and is a bolt of lightning in their continuing progression of indie rock power.

`It’s Good to Get Lost` Is available to stream on all major platforms.

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