In Earnest Single Review - '29'

Updated: Sep 9, 2020

With sincere self-reflection on one’s adolescent antics through embedding truthfully detailed lyrics of personal childhood turning points, the Southend-On-Sea rooted three-piece, In Earnest, release their charming third single titled ‘29’; showing great consistency with their satisfyingly bittersweet indie sound.

Foregrounding their musical direction, ’29’, along with their two previous singles, ‘come upstairs’ and ‘put me under’, has set a purposeful and ironically, earnest tone for the drop of their pending, self-titled EP. Whilst being sonically reminiscent, in many ways, of indie-pop phenomenon, Phoebe Bridgers, the soft sadness of the synths, courtesy of Sarah Holburn, and the mellow electric guitar, which melts into the production, creates an acoustic yet rich and fulfilling impression. Lifted all back up through the subtle string nuances towards the middle-end of the track, given to us by Toby Shaer, the elements combined, prove to be quite simply beautiful.

Summing up the spirit of this single, peeping through the cloud of dreamy, atmospheric harmony that is my definition of this track, would be the shine of initial inspiration that looks down towards the storyline of Tom Eatherton’s childhood – one-third of In Earnest and designated songwriter. Retrospectively written, the integrity-filled lyrics, as he sings that he is ‘feeling so much older now at 29 years of age’, projects a sense of growth that ultimately transcends above all of the mistakes and regrets addressed throughout the lyrical content – ‘hills and valleys climbed, never quite learned to tie my laces’ and ‘lost my cool down at the rink’. Mirroring the warm colour of the melody with his heartfelt words allows the build of this profound, poignant nostalgia – whilst feeling as though the creative process would have been a rather cathartic experience for those involved, this makes ‘29’ even more comforting and pleasurable to listen to.

The upcoming six-track masterpiece, a proud product of In Earnest’s musical creativity, is due for release very soon - including this record, '29'. To stay updated on the release of their upcoming EP, follow In Earnest on all of their social media platforms – Instagram, Facebook and YouTube.

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