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In Earnest 'Come Upstairs' Review

Updated: Aug 26, 2020

As a slice of emotional, raw and delicate ‘indie folk’, In Earnest’s latest single, titled “Come Upstairs” hits the nail right on the head. It’s not my usual style of music that I enjoy listening to, but I couldn’t help but find myself drawn into the honest depiction of life between front couple Sarah and Thomas. Set from Thomas’ perspective, the waltz time feel and precise guitar runs evoke such a tender and pure form of love towards his significant other, whilst grandiose strings only add to heighten the emotions as the track ebbs and flows, mirroring that of most relationships. It is clear from the opening lines right through to the final lyric that not only do In Earnest possess strong songwriting skills, but are also prepared to put their own experiences on the line in order to connect with their listeners. “Come Upstairs” captures the imperfections that many, if not all, couples face at times as strains are placed on their relationship, but adds a freshness that comes with the band’s unique sound. Credit must go to them for honing such a distinctive sound so rapidly. All in all, whilst “Come Upstairs” is going to have you bounding up and down your own flight, it is a thought-provoking listen that everyone who hears it will connect with in some way, and isn’t that the essence of a great song?

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