Hannah Scott Single Review- '98'

Updated: Sep 16, 2020

A name echoed enthusiastically by well-known presenters in radio and circulated excitingly within the sphere of musical critique, Hannah Scott delivers this time, a heavenly track with a heartfelt narrative in her second release of 2020, ‘98’, in the light of her forthcoming album.

With a hint of hope yet poignancy, sensed throughout this single, the London-based singer-songwriter explores how her Grandmother was able to confront her own mortality with peace and acceptance, for what life really is. Raw and real, Hannah’s intonations reflect a new-found embrace for the little things, through simply recognising the temporality of human-life, in which she has been able to understand the complexities of, vicariously, through the life of her 98-year-old Grandmother.

Whilst the ballad holds warm harmonies and a soulful string accompaniment, it is ultimately the poetry presented through the lyrical content that innately transcends this musical masterpiece - ‘feel alive in the power of your breath’ - only generating the emotion and nostalgia felt through its storytelling.

‘Do you think it feels like falling or flying?’

Complementing its lyrical tone exquisitely, the production is faithful and rich; reigniting delightfully, my oldest memories of first listening to HILLSONG United. Richly filling the initial soft piano, orchestral elements are littered in its composition, elevating and uplifting specifically in the chorus. In ‘98’, Scott manages to create this sonically profound synergy, which is somehow, very comforting for the listener.

An undeniable factor in not just the greatness of this newest single, but the many successful outcomes of Scott’s previous musical endeavours, pinpoints down to friend, co-writer and producer, Stefano Della Casa. As a product of Hannah’s personal experiences, conveyed beautifully through her art, and combined with Stefano’s impeccable production, ‘98’ moulds organically, into a wholesome track; an absolute testimony to their craft as individual artists and not at all undermined by their remarkably different backgrounds. With the seemingly notable success transpired from this partnership so far, the subsequent expectation for the coming album is ambitious, and remains highly anticipated for her keen fans and listers.

Released today, you can now listen to ‘98’ on all streaming platforms! Follow Hannah Scott on all of her relevant social media here! Check out her Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube by clicking the links, to keep up to date on all of new music!

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