Glass Ceilings Single Review - 'I Don't Mind'

Society tends to prioritise appearance over reality. This desire to present life in an idealistic light as opposed to in the state of how things actually exist, is a tempting, yet damaging concept in a world driven by social media and materialism; not many are brave enough to strip back the façade and reveal the truth that lays beneath it.

However, this can’t be said for Solihull band, Glass Ceilings. If their name doesn’t scream transparency enough, Glass Ceilings reveal their candidness in other ways. Their latest single, ‘I Don’t Mind’, epitomises everything that I have come to perceive of the band: no deceptive façades, only raw honesty.

With an introduction reminiscent of The Night Café’s clever fusion of energetic mellowness, the band strike a balance between staying true to their indie roots and avoiding becoming a carbon-copy indie band. It’s consistently steady drum beats acting as the backbone of the song, complimented by catchy, yet varied guitar lines, provide enough ammunition to the song before allowing frontwoman, Lois Masters, to steal the spotlight with a voice that seems to have matured since their latest EP, ‘Liars’, which was released in 2019.

However, the song’s exuberant beat that belongs in any indie club, is paradoxical. Singing “you just do what you want to…whatever I want can wait”, the band reveal their perception of unrequited relationships and the pain behind allowing the one you love to walk all over you. It’s not a personal experience, but its an honest account of relationships and a far cry from the picture-perfect romance that floods our Instagram. This insight into the sacrifice made by many just to uphold a dying relationship is a poignantly relatable struggle, embodied by Lois when she sings, “while I wait, I will sit and calibrate”; we redesign ourselves, often at our own loss, for the sake of somebody who is usually not worth it. It’s this sincerity that makes the song special. Glass Ceilings are a band that don’t want to write the same old love song – they’d rather strip back that façade even if it means revealing uncomfortable truths.

With this in mind, the band has encapsulated the notion of outward appearances not always reflecting inner truths; ‘I Don’t Mind’ is an ebullient song, but its crestfallen lyrics don’t mirror this false sense of happiness. In this way, with its subtle, yet not unnoticed riffs, the song is artistically crafted to pensively assess the image of a naïvely devoted lover with good intentions.

With the new year and decade ahead of us, we can only expect Glass Ceilings to develop and grow. As a local unsigned band, the road ahead is long and challenging, but with the promise shown in ‘I Don’t Mind’, the band’s potential is obvious. Any band can sing about love, but what sets Glass Ceilings apart is their ability to project emotion into their music and maintain that likeable indie ambience without sacrificing originality.

Join Glass Ceilings at their single release gig on Thursday 20th February, at the Hare and Hounds in Birmingham. Support from Nova Bloom, Infinite Sauce and Izzy and the F Bois.

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