Crossfire Eagles Single Review - 'Sweet Talker'

Updated: Sep 16, 2020

Stepping up their game with every new release, indie-rock band Crossfire Eagles anticipate the drop of their upcoming EP and tease with another powerfully euphoric single, this time titled, ‘Sweet Talker’.

Notably through their track ‘Episode’, Crossfire Eagles have shown the great impact of a heartfelt didactical storyline, presenting truth and empathy through its relatable lyrics and filtering significant social commentary through the eyes of a homeless individual. Yet this time, still in a masterful way, the band seem to have taken on a more light-hearted, playful approach in terms of their expressive intention with this latest track, as frontman James Wilson sings, ‘sweet talker, sweet walker, so many things that I should have taught her’. Ultimately, the song being about a man who is so infatuated with a woman and her subtle and smooth, sweet talking ways.

Consistent with their determined indie-rock direction, Crossfire Eagles nevertheless, introduce a whole new and fresh guitar riff, all whilst being able to show off again their even sweeter vocal harmonies, in this energy-filled banger. Setting the standard high in the competition for the catchiest chorus, the bassline is bold, and through tying tightly together the crisp percussion with the distorted electric elements, the production worked on at West Homesick Recording Studio by Federico Telesca is of the cleanest quality.

Impressively highlighting their ability to be original in their lyrical content but always meaningful, the nature of future Crossfire Eagles’ records is left for fans and listeners to expect the unexpected, but never anything short of exciting in relation to their thrilling rock sound.

‘Sweet Talker’ is out on Friday the 4th of September and available to listen to on all streaming platforms - pre-save the single here!

For more on Crossfire Eagles, follow them on all of their social media - head straight to their website where you can find all links!

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