Crossfire Eagles Single Review - 'Episode'

Updated: May 14, 2020

Through a profound refocussing of perspective in terms of their lyrical content, the newly released track from Sheffield-rooted band, Crossfire Eagles, draws onto arguably the most powerful and prominent issue we face today in modern society – poverty and homelessness. Forcefully taking themselves out of their own shoes and placing them in the soles of the souls of those who are feeling hopeless, helpless and afraid, this track is no doubt a testimony to those who struggle with the difficulties of mental health, as well as the rather brutal ramifications of social inequality.

Immediately, classical rock infusions foreground this track with its heavy drumbeats, courtesy of Keaton Barker, generating this infectious high-energy drive felt explosively throughout. However, on a first listen to the song, there seems to be a latent layer of influence, reminiscent of the early 2000’s band, Blink-182. ‘Episode’ is catchy and euphoric in its melodic construction, almost creating this purposeful dichotomy, in contrast with its intended heartfelt narrative. Solemn yet passionate, lead singer James Wilson filters through his lyrics the thoughts of his character, as he sings: ‘too afraid to speak, cry myself to sleep’ and eventually, ‘step into my episode, maybe you’ll finally see’, when the passionate nature of the chorus erupts.

In between the accented drum fills and the strength of the bassline embedded within the track, not to mention the consistent tightness of vocal harmonies, heard specifically in the bridge section of this record, Crossfire Eagles have elevated exceedingly since their last release in 2019 and thus subsequently establish high expectations for keen listeners, when it comes to the remainder of their upcoming EP.

There is this rare ability to craft something that is sonically suggestive of such a vast variety of successful bands, that have been integral to the evolution of music over the past few decades, into one. Interestingly, Crossfire Eagles have managed to produce a cracking commingling of different influences, from the Courteeners to the Foo Fighters, and demonstrate them subtly through their own material, which is absolutely enjoyable to consume - especially when there is such a poignant purpose behind the words too!

Whilst in an uncertain time for those in the music industry, you can show your support to Crossfire Eagles by following them on their relevant social media platforms for updates on new music, as well as stream their music on YouTube and Spotify!

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