Broozer Single Review- 'Taste for Blood'

In a fresh, rough and ready release from Broozer, Wolverhampton-based band unleash pandemonium amongst keen listeners with their newest – most worthwhile - head-banger so far, ‘Taste for Blood’. Raw and unrefined, yet absolutely pure in its form, this track is unequivocal in its ability to excel as ultimate mosh-pit material and with its inescapable meaty moments of unapologetic screaming and shredding, is filled with much carnage and chaos!

Photograph by Bash Chamberlain

A filthy, bluesy-scented guitar riff, ironically, bleeds its way into the track, feeling somewhat nostalgic of The Black Keys and Royal Blood, in more ways than just one. Whilst carrying the perpetual hearty energy of the record through the production, the rather audacious and devilish lyrics of ‘I’ve got a taste for blood’ and ‘I’ve got the Devil, he’s in my hand’, seems to somehow overwhelm your mind, absorbing all of your attention. And so, with reasonable ambiguity behind what could have been the epicentre of inspiration for the track, this innately, makes ‘Taste for Blood’ all the more curious and unavoidable to listen to.

Photograph by Paul Greggory

Executed by the band’s lead vocalist, the intended falsettos heard particularly towards the end of the track, intriguingly, contrast to the then breaking out of beastly belts, distinguishable to Duncan McHue; adding another surprising, yet distinctive dimension to the construction of Broozer’s already, personalised sound.

Photograph by Matt Crockford

Produced and recorded at RML Studios with Ryan Pinson, Broozer highlighted on their Instagram page that despite its recent release, the single has actually been hidden away for a lot longer than what you might imagine and in fact, was recorded in their original form as a three-piece. Nonetheless, Broozer’s true potential has in no way been undermined and they have continued to prove their worthiness for success with the great compatibility they share as a musical duo – to mention their previous release ‘Puppet’, in which Jake Goldsmith’s raging cymbal crashing is almighty!

Photograph by Matt Crockford

Whilst their previous track does feel, perhaps, more heavy metal, ‘Taste for Blood’ is destined to set Broozer in a new and exciting, but authentic musical direction.

To follow Broozer’s creative evolution as well as re-live their explosive live performances, go and check out Broozer on their Instagram, here, as well as their other relevant social media platforms, where you can keep up to date with the band!

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