A Bright Tomorrow - The October Edition

Updated: Oct 9, 2020

A Note From The Editor

This is the second time I’ve written this post. Usually I’m good with my words but writing this month’s editorial note has proved more difficult than normal. Why? Because I’m a middle-class white woman whose never experienced prejudice or discrimination, and this month, A Bright Tomorrow is launching an anti-racism campaign in light of Black History month.

To make matters worse, I’m a week late in posting this editorial note, having started at university this September, and needing to prioritise my education. With that in mind, I’m conscious that to label October as ABT’s ‘anti-racism campaign’ is to slightly miss the point. Anti-racism cannot be the focus of simply the next three weeks, but rather it is imperative that it becomes the zeitgeist of our time. Similarly, racism is a nexus of complications that cannot be explored and defined in simply one month, especially not by four white bloggers. Consequently, let me rephrase this month’s theme: we are launching what will be a continuous anti-racism campaign on the blog and over the course of the next few months, we will be posting articles that highlight the issues minorities in the UK face, information and guidance on how we can help victims of racism and exploring ways in which sustainable and effective positive change can be made. Crucially, A Bright Tomorrow will endeavour to involve as many members of our BAME community in the development of this campaign as possible, for we recognise that this must be led by the very people whose voices we are trying to amplify.

In wake of the Black Lives Matter movement, ABT aims to continue the momentum sparked in recent months and work with various anti-racism organisations and individuals involved in the debate, in an attempt to form a strong and coherent movement in which specific change can be enacted. Considering this encompasses a broad range of actors, I welcome anyone reading this who feels impelled to get involved, to email either myself or our blog with information, advice, requests, collaboration ideas and even criticism. Our door is open. We are ready to listen, learn and improve.

I will not pretend for a single second that my knowledge about racism in the UK is anywhere near sufficient enough to navigate this campaign without help and I am conscious not to do the BAME community a disservice in simplifying the situation. My intention is rather to use my platform and this blog as a safe space to discuss, connect and strive for positive change.

The road ahead of us is long. Change is disgustingly overdue. I ask how many more days we must wait? Racism, above all else, is about equality and British society currently lacks that. ABT aims to explore the reasons why and we recognise that in order to do so, we must engage with individuals from a broad range of varying ethnic and socio-economic backgrounds. However, the journey starts today, and it starts with you and I.

So, I hope that you will accept this invitation to join A Bright Tomorrow on this pursuit for change. This is not the time to wait for a better world. Now is the time to build one.

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