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Updated: May 14, 2020

We're challenging ourselves to run 10k everyday for 10 days, to raise money to save El Centro Infantil de Whurula

A Bright Tomorrow has just launched our first campaign and we couldn't be more excited to introduce you all to Darmin, a twenty-nine-year-old mother and teacher from Mozambique who needs our help.

When Darmin was eighteen, she found herself forcefully married after falling pregnant with her son. To make matters worse, Darmin was stuck in an abusive marriage, with what looked like no way out. Eventually forced to leave the family home, Darmin spent time sleeping on the floor of a small room infested with insects, while her son went to live with her sister. However, despite these difficulties, Darmin defied the odds. Using money that she earned from a translation job, Darmin set about regaining control of her life, and built her own school. But this was no ordinary school. 'El Centro Infantil de Whurula' is the only school in Darmin's province that accepts children with special needs - children who would otherwise not receive an education.

The school rapidly became an integral part of Darmin's community. It's role in the local economy allowed families to build roofs on their houses, feed their children, establish small businesses and return to education. Darmin also focuses on employing single mothers and widows, as such women struggle to find work in Mozambique. El Centro Infantil de Whurula is more than just a school - it's a community.

However, due to Covid19, Darmin's school has had to temporarily close as lockdown is enforced. Yet, with no financial aid from the government, Darmin has not got the funds to continue paying her fourteen staff members and the rent. If she cannot raise enough money by June, then the school will have to permanently close. With no alternative school available for many children, their educational journey will be cut devastatingly short and for those with special needs in particular, their chances of finding acceptance and opportunities in a society that often overlooks them, will drastically diminish.

We know that thousands of people across the world are being negatively affected by the pandemic and that unfortunately, hundreds of schools across the world face the same problem as El Centro Infantil de Whurula. But when faced with this issue, we have two options: to help or not.

With that in mind, myself and my sister, Charlotte, have decided to run 10k everyday for 10 days to help raise money for the cause. If you would also like to get involved in this challenge and try run 10k - not necessarily for all ten days - then send us a picture of you on your run! And of course, if anyone could spare a few pounds to help Darmin keep her school open, then please click the link below and donate to the campaign. Even the smallest donation will make a huge difference to Darmin's whole community and allow these children to continue learning.

Click here to donate.

Thanks for your support.

Kate and the A Bright Tomorrow team.

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