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Founded in 2016 and relaunched this year, A Bright Tomorrow is the 'conscious culture' blog. With a strong focus on the arts, lifestyle and politics, ABT will endeavour to create content that inspires an inclusive, forward-thinking, and ethical community, engendering optimism for a brighter future.

A Bright Tomorrow is the home for music fans, aesthetic junkies and politics geeks alike. Featuring regular music reviews or interviews, lifestyle hacks and current affairs updates, ABT is here to keep you in the loop. 

Our family is growing bigger by the day, and we'd like you to join. Whether you're an up and coming band, looking for some motivation or simply someone with a story to share, we'd love to have you on board. 

Drop us an email to get involved and let's get to know one another! If you're an artist looking for some support with your music, feel free to send over your work. Please note that we usually charge a minimal amount for music interview and review requests to help with our overhead costs, but this has been paused due to the Covid19 pandemic. 

If you would like to support ABT by donating to our blog, click the button! All money donated goes straight back into the blog to help fund gigs, interviews and the day to day costs of ABT.


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