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Sunshine and Kisses

Blue waters, frozen yoghurt and rich history: a trip through the Tel Aviv haze.

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Get to know the girl behind the writing as we talk about the crazy, the wonderful and the slightly uncomfortable. Totally unfiltered conversations with the most intriguing guests.

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Hi, I’m Kate

A twenty-year-old woman-loving woman blogger and podcaster

A Bright Tomorrow is my space on the internet to talk about the enigma that is life. From politics to lifestyle, travel to the environment, A Bright Tomorrow is a place for people to connect and delve into the mysteries of what makes us, us. 

Join me on the podcast as I speak to guests from different backgrounds and communities about the crazy, the wonderful and the confusing. Or catch me on the blog where I'll be sharing the best and the worst bits of my life.

I can't wait to have you join us,

Kate x



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